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Nature Nurse Blossom Bar Topical for Pain Relief & Skincare Needs

Blossom Bar Topical

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Our Blossom Bar Topical is a unique body product formulated to remain solid at room temperature for clean and precise application. No drip, no mess, highly concentrated and effective for overall body use.  When applied to skin, the Blossom Bar softens to moisturize and target painful areas of the body while soothing dry or affected skin conditions. Blossom Bars are uniquely created by blending skin enriching oils, conditioning plant butters, and eCB system targeted herbal extracts and therapeutic grade essential oils.

Made with Love and all natural ingredients. No artificial coloring or fragrances are used for Nature Nurse Products. Our ingredients are so safe you could eat them!

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Blossom Bar Topical

The Nature Nurse Blossom Bar is a unique topical for pain relieve and incredible skincare! Rich with cocoa-butter and coconut oils – just rubbing it into your skin makes you feel great. But when you pair that with topically focused and applied pain relief – you’ve got an incredible tool for nearly immediate pain control in the palm of your hand.

For pulled muscles, end of day fatigue and inflammation, chronic pain relief, skin lesions and injuries, rashes & dryness – the Blossom Bar is a handy all-in-one relief for all of the above. You can just pop off the lid and rub the bar anywhere you need without getting your fingers all gunky or getting oily fingerprints everywhere. The fast acting pain relief and incredible skin improvements are the proof in the pudding.

You can try our amazing Blossom Bar Topical in a smaller version with our Petals Balm Travel Topical – the same fantastic formula, designed to travel with you anywhere!

What Our Customers Say:

I absolutely love how simple it is to apply this topical. I didn’t have to stick my hand in a jar or tube, rub it together and then apply. All I had to do was take the top off, wind the bottom, and apply more. It was so effortless and I really appreciated that. The scent is faint, and can easily be worn by itself or underneath your favorite fragrance. Apply anytime anywhere, and voila…bye bye pain. Of course there are many topical products to choose from, but if you want one that is made with an extra dose of love then try Nature Nurse today.” – Edibles List Magazine Product Review

“I did a comparison of the topical bar on my mosquito bitten arms. The treated arm bites and scabs healed after 4 days completely. The untreated arm still has itch and small scabs from the scratching. Blossom Bar 🏆

“I couldn’t wait to try the Nature Nurse Blossom Bar, simply based on the fact that an actual nurse made the product I was testing. I felt confident that America’s most trusted profession wouldn’t let me down and it definitely didn’t. I thought it was medicated deodorant when I first grabbed the Blossom Bar, but after carefully reading the label I realized it was a topical that you can put wherever you have aches or pains. The first place I tried it was on the bottom of my feet because I had been on them all day filming, and it seemed to work relaxing my entire body and relieving the burning sensation I was having.” – Edibles List Magazine Product Review

Additional information

Weight 1.2 oz

CBD, Natural

1 review for Blossom Bar Topical

  1. Starlight M

    I was gifted a Blossom Bar when I had seriously strained and injured several muscle groups to the point I was mostly incapacitated. I couldn’t believe how wonderfully effective and rapid the results were!

    First, just rubbing it on is a pleasure! I don’t hafta get my fingers all goopy, it is absorbed quickly and doesn’t leave my skin feeling super greasy. In fact – massaging it into my muscles became a delight versus a necessity.

    Second – the pain relief is so quick! I don’t know about you – but I LOATHE pharmaceutical grade painkillers – they always make me feel a bit nauseous and edgy. With the Blossom Bar, I could literally just rub it on, exactly where it hurt, until I felt better. I didn’t have to worry about “taking too much” – having a remedy I can simply “use enough to feel better” was really a turn around for me on how I think about pain relief.

    Third – a lot of people ask me about the effect on my alertness – I didn’t notice any. In fact, the relief was pretty mild, in that I didn’t feel impaired or over-relaxed at any point. It was more like a gentle soothe than a slamming end to my pain (another thing that separates it from pharma and nature!).

    Fourth – It’s become an essential. Recovering from a sunburn, strained muscles, a stiff knee at the end of the day, relieving menstrual cramps, soothing bug bites and scratches, easing a heat rash, sharing with my friend who was suffering a painful bout of IBS… giiiiiiiiirl, the Blossom Bar topical is whats. up. It goes with me just about everywhere.

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