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Transdermal Patch: CBD Formula « Nature Nurse Health

Transdermal Patch: CBD Formula

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The Nature Nurse Transdermal Patch Delivery System allows for discreet and easy use, providing a consistent, low dose of various cannabinoids to be delivered into the blood stream over an extended period of time ranging from 12-48 hours.

Each package contains one 40mg transdermal patch, along with skin prep and aftercare pads for best results and convenience.


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Nature Nurse Transdermal Patches with CBD have been intelligently formulated and designed with patients’ ease of use in mind. Each package contains one 40mg transdermal patch, along with skin prep and aftercare pads for best results and convenience.

Nature Nurse Transdermal Patches are formulated with added terpenes and vitamins to maximize their effectiveness.  Nature Nurse Transdermal Patches are twice as strong as other cannabis or CBD infused patches; some users find they can cut the patch in half for less severe needs.

What Our Customers Say:


“These patches worked wonderfully well. 40mg is a perfect dose, the effects eased in smoothly and efficiently. No drowsiness, dizziness, nausea or physical slow-down whatsoever. I LOOOVE these.” – Micah D.

“This product is great for the elderly, children, veterans, and also for those suffering from debilitating illnesses. It even gives you information about your endocannabinoid system to read, right on the back of the package that everyone should know, but sadly, usually don’t.” –Edibles List Magazine Product Review

“I have been able to find Balance with the Nature Nurse Transdermal Patch that is giving me close to 36-48 hours worth of relief, and that is half a patch.” N.N.

“I have severe ovarian pain once a month that radiates to my lower back for about 3 days. I cut one of these 40mg CBD transdermal patches in half, place it right over the source of pain and within 30 minutes, no pain and relief that lasts for a few days. Thanks so much Nature Nurse for your wonderful healing products!” -C.M.

“I hit it too hard at the gym today, pulled a muscle in my chest that radiated to my shoulder and neck. Slapped half a 40mg CBD transdermal patch on from Nature Nurse and within 30 minutes have full range of motion again!” -C.M.

“I applied the CBD patch directly to a sore lower back early last night (6pm) and drifted to sleep gently after dinner. Awoke to a pain free back and only minimal lingering drowsiness. A cup of coffee cleared that up quickly, and I will be trying out the 1:1 patch tomorrow.” -G.M.

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single patch, 3 pack of patches (save $3)


40mg CBD per patch

2 reviews for Transdermal Patch: CBD Formula

  1. Starlight M

    These patches have become the trustworthy go-to when I am experiencing pain.

    Instead of a pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory & pain reliever, I have used the Nature Nurse patches for:
    a) over-exerted/strained lower back (I was in such pain I couldn’t even move!)
    b) intense moon pains (so great for reducing cramping!)
    c) nausea (what a lifesaver!)

    Each time I have been delighted and surprised by how effectively my pain was reduced!

  2. Laren Dee Barton (verified owner)

    Placing second order to stock up on patches! Thank you for relief from pain!!

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